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Expert Staff

With its young and dynamic staff Glomex offers you import/export training and consultancy with years of experience. We make sure that no business is hindered by delivering effective and efficient service with our staff and staying in touch with your company.

Professional Support

We are at your disposal for all your global problems, by providing professional support to your company with the experience and harmony we achieve to the details of ever changing world and the importance to technology and we provide universal solutions.

Innovative Solutions

We provide solutions to all problems with fast and effective solutions and provide professional support and do all the follow ups for your documents. We provide rapid solutions to the sudden crises in your company and we offer you fast solutions for you to be least affected by the crisis.



We continue since 2002 adventure stronger and more confidently with the renewed company name in 2012, young and dynamic staff.

We at Glomex share our experience with our solution partners giving them Import/Export Training and Consultancy and enjoy growing together gradually.

Project Design

All the details your company requires are considered at the project design which consists of establishment, research and solution phases and we provide solution to your problems with fast data transfer.



In order to make a correct project at the beginning of the project phase, we do a research before we come to you, and we create a project plan in line with the information you give us, and we set a path for you.



In the research phase, we create an accurate research plan by taking into account the necessary milestones for your company in constant communication with you. We do research for the right solution to the identified problem.



We provide real-time solutions for your company by bringing the right solution to the problem we identified at the final stage.