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Countries That We Are Exporting To

We know that success lies in the future and we work as partners with the manufacturing companies that are our solution partners. By following all the changes related to the sectors, we provide full time service for our companies such as; market research, correspondence with foreign companies, document tracking, customs and transportation stages. We don’t exhaust our solution partners at all and follow all the necessary steps for them.

USA, Germany, Argentina, Albania, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Belarus, UAE, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Algeria, Czech Republic, China, Denmark, Djibouti, Indonesia, Armenia, Estonia, Ethiopia, Morocco, Finland, France, Gina, South Africa, Georgia, Croatia, India, Netherlands, Iraq, Great Britain, Iran, Spain, Israel, Sweden, Italy, Canada, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kirghizstan, Colombia, Korea, Kosovo, Kuwait, Latvia, Libya, Lithuania, Lebanon, Hungary , Macedonia, Malaysia, Egypt, Moldova, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Senegal, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sudan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Thailand, Tunisia, Ukraine, Vietnam, Yemen, New Zealand, Greece